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✈ 20 Best Airlines In The World Statistics ✈

Points given are for dozens of major international airlines that fly long-haul routes.

The stats included are in-flight experience based on ratings for seat comfort, in-flight entertainment, cabin cleanliness and condition, quality of meals served, and service efficiency, from leading airline reviewer Skytrax.

20. Etihad Airways

Etihad Airways
Wikimedia Commons


In-Flight Experience: 80


On-Time Performance: 74

United Arab Emirates-based Etihad is barely ten years old, but it is growing rapidly:

It said its profits tripled from $14 million in 2011 to $42 million last year.

Its has been named the World's Leading Airline at the World Travel Awards for the past four years.

19. Lufthansa

Photo by chinaoffseason at flickr


In-Flight Experience: 80


On-Time Performance: 75

With hubs in Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, and Munich, Germany's Lufthansa is the largest airline in Europe.

To compete in today's tough airline industry, the carrier has improved its business class seating, but economy is still excellent.

18. Air Astana

Air Astana
Air Astana


In-Flight Experience: 74


On-Time Performance: 82

Air Astana is the flag carrier of the Republic of Kazakhstan, and started commercial flights in 2002.

It may not top our list, but it did win "Best Airline in Central Asia and India" at the 2012 World Airline Awards.

15. Omar Air (Same Scores)

Omar Air
Omar Air


In-Flight Experience: 82


On-Time Performance: 75

Based out of Muscat International Airport in Oman, this carrier's slogan is "Modern Vision. Timeless Traditions..."

It scored a 90 for seat comfort, and 80 for every other in-flight experience factor we measured.


15. Japan Airlines (Same Scores)

Japan Airlines
Wikimedia Commons


In-Flight Experience: 76


On-Time Performance: 81

Japan Airlines is based out of four main hubs in its home country and serves 103 destinations worldwide.

It's one the biggest buyers so far of Boeing's troubled Dreamliner passenger jet, and is busy modifying the planes with a newly-approved battery system so it can get them back in the air.

15. Thai Airways (Same Scores)

Thai Airways
Photo by  David McKelvey at Flickr


In-Flight Experience: 78


On-Time Performance: 79

Thai Airways flies to 75 destination in 35 countries and is the flag carrier of Thailand.

It is a sponsor of Red Bull Racing and the Football Association of Thailand.

The airline was also the first Asia-Pacific airline to serve London Heathrow Airport.


14. Finnair



In-Flight Experience: 76


On-Time Performance: 74

Finnair is the leading airline for both domestic and international flights in its home country, and is mostly owned by the Finnish government.

The carrier offers economy passengers a hot meal and a hot snack on most flights, but the quality of the food scored a 70.

13. Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines
Photo by slava at Flickr


In-Flight Experience: 80


On-Time Performance: 74

It's not the most reliable, but Turkish Airlines scored an 80 in every other category we measured.

With an ad campaign starring Kobe Bryant and Leo Messi, it has generated positive press in recent months — though some potential customers were put off by its proposed ankle-length uniforms for flight attendants.

It flies to 221 airports in 98 countries.


11. South African Airways (Same Scores)

South African Airways
Photo by Thomas_Sly at Flickr


In-Flight Experience: 78


On-Time Performance: 74

African carriers are underdeveloped compared to the European, American, and Asian counterparts, but South African Airways made its way onto this list anyway.

It flies to 38 cities from its hub near Johannesburg, and impresses economy passengers with excellent meals, in-flight entertainment, and seat comfort.

11. Cathay Pacific (Same Scores)

Cathay Pacific
Cathay Pacific Airline


In-Flight Experience: 84


On-Time Performance: 74

With a main hub in Hong Kong, Cathay Pacific had a perfect score of 100 for in-flight entertainment.

Its flight attendants highlighted the importance of good service in December, when they threatened a "no-smile, no-booze" strike — in short, making passengers pay "a five-star price to get a three-star service."


9. Air New Zealand (Same Scores)

Air New Zealand
Photo by PhillipC at Flickr


In-Flight Experience: 82


On-Time Performance: 74

Air New Zealand had high rankings but its overall score was brought down by its mediocre reliability.

With an ad campaign that capitalizes on the popularity of the film The Hobbit, it offers service to Australia, the South Pacific, Asia, Europe, and North America.


9. Korean Air (Same Scores)

Korean Air
Korean Air


In-Flight Experience: 78


On-Time Performance: 74

Korean Air, which flies to destinations in all six inhabited continents, had consistent ratings across all the categories, not scoring very high or very low in any.

Despite the fact that it owns a farm on which it raises its beef, its food scored a 70.


8. Silk Air

Silk Air
Photo by georgeparrilla at Flickr


In-Flight Experience: 76


On-Time Performance: 74

Silk Air scored highly in all categories except in-flight entertainment, where it got 60.

As the subsidiary of Singapore Airlines that operates shorter flights, its passengers aren't likely to care too much, especially since free alcohol is offered on international flights.


7. Garuda Indonesia

Garuda Indonesia
Wikimedia Commons


In-Flight Experience: 80


On-Time Performance: 74

Garuda Indonesia got its highest score with a near-perfect 90 for seat comfort.

However, after it was deemed "unsafe," Garuda was banned from flying in European Union airspace between 2007 and 2009.

The majority of its destinations are in Asia, Australia, and the Middle East.


6. ANA (All Nippon Airways)

All Nippon Airways
Photo by jetalone at Flickr


In-Flight Experience: 82


On-Time Performance: 74

ANA is Japan's largest airline, and the operator of the two Boeing Dreamliner planes whose battery systems failed in January, leading to the grounding of the jet.

The carrier did not receive a perfect score in any category, but its consistent high rankings earned it the number four spot on the list.



4. Qatar Airways (Same Scores)

Qatar Airways
Qatar Airways


In-Flight Experience: 90


Airline Reliability: 60

Qatar Airways earned perfect scores for seat comfort and service efficiency, and it offers free booze on international flights.

It operates a hub-and-spoke network of routes, and the Qatari government owns 50% of the airline.



4. Asiana Airlines (Same Scores)

Asiana Airlines
Photo by dionhinchcliffe at Flickr


In-Flight Experience: 86


On-Time Performance: 80

Formerly known as Seoul Airlines, Asiana Airlines's hub is at Incheon International Airport, just outside the South Korean capital.

In 2012, it was named "Best Overall Airline In The World" by Business Traveler, but it comes in at number four on our list.



2. Virgin America (Same Scores)

Virgin America
Virgin America


In-Flight Experience: 80


On-Time Performance: 74

Virgin America scored a 90 for its in-flight entertainment, and made Apple fans happy last year when it named one if its airplanes "Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish," in honor of Steve Jobs.

It mainly operates long-haul flights from the east coast to the west coast of the U.S.



2. Malaysia Airlines (Same Scores)

Malaysia Airlines
Photo by SamCheong at Flickr


In-Flight Experience: 90


On-Time Performance: 74

Malaysia Airlines got perfect scores for seat comfort and service efficiency. It even banned children in some areas of its planes, though economy travelers will still risk having their seat backs kicked by toddlers.

Its main hub is located in Kuala Lumpur, and it operates flights all around the region.


1. Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines
Wikimedia Commons


In-Flight Experience: 98


On-Time Performance: 74

As the rankings show, Singapore Airlines offers far and away the world's best economy experience.

Employees are trained to treat everyone with care and respect, and that makes all the difference.

Add in the fact that Singapore Airlines scored 100 for seat comfort, cabin cleanliness, and in-flight entertainment, and it's easy to see why it's number one.

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